Scuba Diving & Islands Vacation

We are offering various type of island activities. Our concept or approach, can be said is more to nature activities (yeah, we are the floating lodge on the water) and cultural. Having said that, we are offering our guest to do scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking (the famous Boheydulang), island hopping, culture visiti, culture show (bajau music and dance – igal igal / mengalai with kulintangan musical instrument).

There are 8 islands to choose for scuba diving or snorkeling. And do not worry, for non-diver guest, we know each beautiful and secret spot for photography opportunities. Guest also most welcome to join us for our special coral propagation program, initiated with local people in Pulau Selakan.

Our guest can join our coral planting activities, in a way of contributing to our marine conservation program.

Location / Destination
• Pulau Sebangkat – Seaweed farm
• Pulau Selakan – Local Fishing Village
• Pulau Maiga – Sea Gypsy Village and white long sandy beach
• Pulau Sibuan – White long sandy beach
• Pulau Bodgaya – Original Sea Gypsy Village and manggo farm
• Pulau Tetagan – Small island facing Boheydulang. Good photography spot during low tide
• Pulau Boheydulang – Famous with hiking to the top of Boheydulang
• Pulau Mantabuan – Small island but large area or coral reef
• Pulau Pandanan – Diving spot with lots and huge turtles
• Pulau Mataking – The famous underwater post box on a ship wreck

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