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Sea in Semporna is open for all year. There is no monsoon season in here. So, you can plan your trip at anytime. We also offering dive trip to Mataking island, Pandanan and Timba-Timba island. Each island have their own unique dive sites.

There are 8 islands to choose for scuba diving or snorkeling. And do not worry, for non-diver guest, we know each beautiful and secret spot for photography opportunities. Guest also most welcome to join us for our special coral propagation program, initiated with local people in
Pulau Selakan. Our guest can join our coral planting activities, in a way of contributing to our marine conservation program.

The most excellence weather is around April - November.

      An unforgettable experience, snorkeling between corals and coral fish. The warm sea, and countless wonderful fish in various colors.

    thumb Tomi T

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Best Seasons:April - November
Popular Location:Tun Sakaran Marine Park

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